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Fan Mingfang
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General Information

NameFan Mingfang

Title Professor, Doctoral Advisor

DisciplineChinese Modern history, Chinese politics



Research Interests

1. Chinese modern borderland history

2. Chinese political history from 1840


1. BSc, Northwest University, 1978

2. MSc, Northwest University, 1982

Selected Publications

1. Fan Mingfang , a study of the history of Tannu-Uryankhai, Chinese social science press,Beijing,2004,December

2. Fan Mingfang, Haishan and the "Independence of outer Mongolia in 1911", Chinese Borderland history and geography studies. 2005(4)

3. Fan Mingfang, the delineation of the western border of China and Russia in 1860s, history Archives (106),2007(2).


1. Guo Muoruo Chinese history awards

2. Outstanding article awards of Chinese history academy

3. Outstanding achievements of Philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi Province


1. The routine governing of China and Russia relationship history academy

2. The governing of China foreign affairs relationship history academy

3. Vice President of Modern History Teaching and Research Association of Higher Education Institutions in Shaanxi Province

4. The routine governing, Revolutionary Base Areas in Shannxi, Gansu and Ningxia Research center.

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