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Feng Dong
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General Information

NameFeng Dong

Title Professor, Master Tutor, Head of Arts Department

DisciplineArts Art Theory Research and Traditional Chinese Painting



Research Interests

1. Chinese culture and art history,

2. Aesthetics and Practice of Art and Design.

Part of the work to the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, and collection has been exhibited at Museum of Art


MSc, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, 1993

Senior visiting scholar of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, 2007

Selected Publications

1. Feng Dong, etc., Based on industry associated with folk culture and arts industry development strategic framework for model, Journal of Northwest University, No.5, 2006

2. Feng Dong, Folk art, color and cultural significance of the performance of functions, Journal of Zhengzhou University, No.1, 2007

3. Feng Dong, On the national culture symbols in product design, application, Journal of Central China Normal University, No.1, 2005

4. Feng Dong, Humanistic quality of science and engineering colleges of higher education and the cultivation of innovative, Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University, No.1, 2004

5. Feng Dong, Hu County peasant painting color choices and cultural connotation, Journal of Northwest University, No.2, 2008

6. Feng Dong, Analysis of affective human-computer interface, Journal of Shaanxi Normal University, Sep, 2007

7. Feng Dong, Computer-based technology, digital Poster Design Analysis, Journal of Central China Normal University, No.6, 2006

8. Feng Dong, Yearbook of Chinese cultural and academic - the authority of Papers, Based on industry associated with folk culture and arts industry development strategic framework for model, May, 2009

9. Feng Dong, Chinese animation image design - animated image of the inside and outside the relationship between the two levels, Journal of Dalian University, No.1, 2008

10. Feng Dong, The lack of Aesthetic Education and Improvement, Chinese graduate students, No.31, 2007

Research topics

1. Take over in 2005, "985" project "Shaanxi folk culture and art resource information database features of teaching and research platform"

2. Shaanxi Province in 2006 bear the auspices of Soft Science Project "to maintain regional and cultural characteristics of Xi'an urban public environmental design research"

3 Undertaken in 2003 in Shaanxi Province over planning issues of philosophy and social sciences "Shaanxi Cultural Industry Development Study"

4. In 2002 assumed the auspices of Soft Science Project of Shaanxi Province "high-tech SME cluster and Shaanxi Hi-Tech Industry Development in CI" topics

5. In 2007 bear the auspices of Northwestern Polytechnical University, Humanities management class project "Construction of Shaanxi folk culture and art resource information database development framework for multi-media research"

6.In 2002 undertook the Higher Education Fund hosted "High quality education in science and engineering colleges Humanities and Innovation Awareness" Project

7.Over 004 years, Northwestern Polytechnical University, assumed the young teachers Innovation Fund project "Shaanxi traditional cultural heritage protection and Industry Development Strategy"


1. CPPCC Shaanxi Province

2. Shaanxi Province, Chinese painting and calligraphy will be young and middle-branch of theoretical research director

3. Chinese Artists Association, Association of Artists of Shaanxi

4.Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts part-time professor

5. Dalian University Art Institute of part-time professor

6. National degree and postgraduate education evaluation experts

7. Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences in 2009 to declare the project evaluation experts

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