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Guo Huimin
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General Information

NameGuo Huimin

Title Professor, Master Tutor, director of the Center for Women's Rights and Development in Northwestern Polytechnical University

DisciplineLaw on the Protection of Women's Rights, Labor and Employment Security Law



Research Interests

1. The labor and protection of labor rights.

2.Gender and law.


BSc, Northwestern University, History Department, 1982

Then participated in the University of Stockholm-Peking University pursue advanced studies and participated in the University of Michigan - Fudan University pursue gender studies.

Selected Publications

1. Guo Huimin. GENDER AND PUBLIC POLICY. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2002.

2. Guo Huimin. GENDER AND LABOR RIGHTS. Xi’an: Northwestern Polytechnical University Press, 2005.

3. Guo Huimin. RESEARCH ON WOMEN’S LABOR RIGHTS. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2007.

4Guo Huimin. Gender and Women's Human Rights. GLOBAL COMMENTS2005


1. Outstanding achievements of Philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi Province

2. The United Nations Fund for Women : "Women's participation in capacity-building model of legislative research project," 2005-2007


1. Vice-Chairman of the Federation of Social Sciences in Xi'an

2. Xi'an People's Political Consult active Conference Committee

3. Association of Labor

4. Vice- President of the Civil and Commercial Law Research

5. China Law Society, director of social research

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