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Hu Hongan
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General Information

NameHu Hongan

Title Professor, Master Advisor, Vice Dean of Economy Department in School of Humanities, Economics and Law




Research Interests

1. Fundamental Theory of Plutonomy of Marxism

2. The Theory of Economic Policy and Policy Analysis

3. The Theory of Modern Industrial Structure and Analysis


PhD, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2007

MSc, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2003

BSc, Northwest University of Politics & law, 1985

Additional Study, Peking University, 1986

Selected Publications


1. Hu Hongan. A Study on the Economic Fluctuation of China During Chinese Transformation Period. Xi’an: Shaanxi People’s Press, 2008.

2, Qin Yan & Hu Hongan. The Change of Clan and Society in Northern Part of Shaanxi Province Since Qing Dynasty. Xi’an: Northwestern Polytechnical University Press, 2004.

Academic Papers

1. Hu Hongan et al., 2007. An Exploration on Win-Win Approach of Resources Exploitation and Environmental Protection in Western China, Probe of Economic Issues, 12.

2. Hu Hongan, 2007. A Review of Studies on the Theory of Economic Fluctuation, Research on Productivity, 5.

3. Hu Hongan et al., 2007. Approaches and Strategies of Constructing Industry Clusters in Western China, Total Economy, 5.


1. Second Prize of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Shaanxi Province, 2007

2. Excellent Prize of Textbooks of Ministry of Education, 2001


1. Standing Council Member, Association of Economy in Shaanxi Province

2. Standing Council Member, Research Society of Das Kapital in Shaanxi Province

3. Standing Council Member, Research Society of Foreign Theories of Economy in Shaanxi Province

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