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Yang Yunxia
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General Information

NameYang Yunxia

Title Professor, Doctor, Master Tutor, Deputy Director of the Department of Law,

Branch Secretary of the Department of Law


DisciplineLabor Law, Intellectual Property Law

Research InterestsLabor Law, Intellectual Property Law

Selected Publications

Systematic Analysis of Chinese Enterprise Employees’ Participation in the Legal System.


1Awarded as “Outstanding Member of Chinese Communist Party in year of 2004-2006” in 2006 in the school of humanities, economics and law of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)

2. Won the first prize of NPU excellent teaching achievement in 2006 for the program of “leading-into and going-out—research on practical model of law teaching”

3Awarded as “Outstanding Young Teacher” by NPU in 2006

4The undergraduate thesis  "principle of trust and cooperation in the establishment of labor law" of Qiao Guosong supervised by Professor Yang was recognized as excellent undergraduate thesis in 2007

5Awarded as “Outstanding Member of Chinese Communist Party in year of 2006-2008” by NPU in July of 2008

6Won the university scholarship for faculty in the year of 2007-2008 in September of 2008

7Awarded as “Outstanding Staff in Party Affairs in the year of 2008-2010” by NPU in June of 2010


Member of the Law Society in Shaanxi Province

Deputy Secretary General of the Research Society for Aerospace Industrial Law attached to the Law Society in Xi’an City

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