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Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research Section
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The department has three teaching and research sections: political science, philosophy, and literature and arts. It has 31 teachers, including 6 professors, 11 associate professors and 4 Ph.D. candidate tutors and 12 postgraduate tutors.

The department undertakes 3 ideological and political theory courses for undergraduate students: Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Maoism, and Introductory Course on Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; 2 courses on Marxist theory for master’s degree students: Theory and Practice of Scientific Socialism and Scientific and Technological Philosophy; 1 course on Marxism theory for doctoral degree candidates: Modern Science and Technology Revolution and Social Development. The department has 1 doctoral degree program in ideological and political education, 4 Master’s Degree programs: Theory of Marxism, Political Theory, Public Administration, and Art Theory. Theory of Marxism is the first-level discipline authorized to confer Ph. D degrees. The department offers more than 10 optional courses for undergraduates.

The department has made many achievements in teaching: 6 person-times got the title of the most satisfactory teacher of the school; Introductory Course on Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics won the title of provincial fine course; it won 1 teaching achievement prize at the provincial level and it also won many first and second prizes of excellent teaching achievement of the university and many research grants and excellent research grants.

Teachers in the department have made outstanding achievements in scientific research: they directed 3 national social science fund projects, participated in many national social science fund projects, undertook many overseas fund projects and other cooperation projects. At the same time, they undertake 1 national social science fund project and 4 Shaanxi provincial social science fund projects. During recent 5 years, teachers in the department have published several kinds of textbooks in national presses or Shaanxi provincial presses and more than 100 papers, including over 120 papers in CSSCI source journals.



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