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Department of Law
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Department of law was established in 2001. It currently offers a Bachelor of Law and Economic Law Master Degree and has one legal teaching and research section, one legal laboratory, one Model Court, and more than 2,000 books. By May 2009, there is more than 100 undergraduates and total of eleven teachers in the department of law. The title of faculties are three professors, three associate professors ,five lecturers and one part-time professor as well as the academic degrees of them are four PH.D and eight masters.

In personnel training, the department of law has graduated six sessions of students, a total of 180 students. It is showed by the student employment rate and the employing units that the circumstances is overall good condition. In recent years, post-graduate admission rate has reached 24%.

In scientific research, the teachers department of law actively engaged in scientific research work and made good results since 15 plan. From January 2002 until May 2009, department of law has undertaken many research subjects such as two subjects of National Social Science Fund, two subject of a key ministerial level, twelve provincial-level research subjects and eight horizontal subjects. Besides, department of law has received 4.46 million RBM grand funds. During this period, department of law has been published fifty-eight papers in academic journal identified by NWPU, three monographs and two textbooks.


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