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Humanities, Economics and Law Experimental Teaching Center

The Humanities, Economics and Law experimental teaching center was established in 2003. As an only comprehensive humanities and social science experiment teaching base, the teaching center does various experiments such as commerce and government affairs, legal science training. The teaching center comprises the international commerce laboratory, the legal science laboratory and the model court. It has a total of more than 275 square meters.

Western Industrial Economy Research Institute

Western industrial economy research institute is founded in 2014, is a "explore industrial economy law of development, promote the industry development, for the construction of international metropolis in the west and strengthen the industrial base and emerging industrial development of science and technology and intelligence support, international exchange of industry economics and industrialization of research results" for the purpose of research institutions. Mainly engaged in researching industrial development in the western areas of industrial structure, industrial transformation, system innovation, industrial policy and the development of industrial organization theory and the application problems, specific industry development planning and development strategy; In the western region the development strategy of the national defense science and technology industry, national defense science and technology industry, military and civilian integration development theory and policy practice problems. With "high academic resources, create high-end research, a think-tank, innovative research and development mode, boost industrial economic development" as the work goal, strive to effectively promote the university-industry cooperation, strive to promote the development of the western economy.

Institute for the Basic Problem of China's Recent and Modern History

This institute has six researchers, including one professor, three associate professors, and two lecturers. As the second-level discipline of Maxism theory, the discipline of research on the basic problem of China’s recent and modern history will combine the theory research with the: analysis of historical process and the summary of historical experience; emphasizing the discussion of development law of China’s recent and modern history. It has four research interests.

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