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The School of Humanities, Economics and Law is a school of liberal arts in Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU). There are in it three departments: Department of Economics, Department of Law, and Department of Public Administration. The MPA Education Center of NPU and the Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research Section of NPU also are located in the school.

The school has 79 faculty members, among whom 64 are teachers, including 15 professors, 31 associate professors, one members of the National Teaching Steering Committee, one NPU Aoxiang scholar, one Aoxiang distinguished teacher and 11 Ph. D candidate supervisors. The cultural celebrities such as Chen Zhongshi, Zhao Jiping and Wang Meng and the well-known specialists ...

· Department of Public Administrati... 2014/05/07
· Department of Law 2014/05/07
· Department of Economic 2014/05/07
· Ideological and Political Theory ... 2014/05/07
Master and Doctor Degree Programs 05-07
Postgraduate 05-07
Undergraduate 05-07
· Mao JiaQiang 2014/05/07
· Yang, Jin 2014/05/07
· Yang Yunxia 2014/05/07
· Yun Zhikai 2014/05/07
· Xiao Zhoulu 2014/05/07
· Qin Yan 2014/05/07
· Hu Hongan 2014/05/07
· Guo Huimin 2014/05/07
· Feng Dong 2014/05/07
· Fan Mingfang 2014/05/07

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